Course Information

Week 1 - Right here, right now.

  • Introduction to mindfulness and its application in the modern world
  • The benefits of mindfulness and the cost of being un-mindful
  • How to meditate & establish a regular practice

Week 2 - Stress less, live more

  • Rewire your brain: The neuroscience of meditation & mindfulness
  • Understanding and managing the stress response
  • Developing a healthier relationship with thoughts & emotions

Week 3 - Recharge your productivity and performance

  •  Using mindfulness techniques to boost productivity and creativity, enhance   performance and manage technology
  •  Mindful communication & relationships
  •  Sleep, downtime and work-life balance

Week 4 – Recharge your self: build a happier, healthier and more mindful you

  • Kindfulness”: the key to greater happiness and wellbeing
  • The science of gratitude
  • Maintaining your practice and living a mindful life

Each class will include:

  • Interactive teaching
  • Guided meditation practices, exposing you to a range of techniques
  • Group discussions and opportunities to ask questions in an intimate and safe space, with like minded meditators
  • Weekly email support including activities, resources and downloadable Recharge guided meditations to help support your practice.